i Plus+
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i Plus+

XXL: (h) 800 x (w) 800mm Area: 0.48m²
XL: (h) 600 x (w) 600mm Area: 0.27m²
L: (h) 297 x (w) 297mm Area: 0.0692m²

M: (h) 187 x (w) 187mm Area: 0.026m²

S: (h) 138 x (w) 138mm Area: 0.0143m²
XS: (h) 110 x (w) 110mm Area: 0.0092m²
Mini: (h) 300 x (w)273mm Area: 0.0749m²

Floor & Wall

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i Plus+

i Shapes


The plus and minus signs [+ & –] are mathematical symbols used to represent the notions of positive and negative as well as the operations of addition and subtraction. The plus and minus are Latin terms meaning “more” and “less”, respectively and can be applied to other meanings in analogous scenarios. The plus sign brings fond memories from our childhood years, especially the joy of getting plusses during school examination. Bring forth the positive vibes of our life with the iPlus range.