i Link
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i Link

XXL: (h) 526 x (w) 790mm Area: 0.277m²
XL: (h) 398 x (w) 596mm Area: 0.1584m²
L: (h) 474.5 x (w) 317.5mm Area: 0.1005m²

M: (h) 337.9 x (w) 226.5mm Area: 0.051m²

S: (h) 288.5 x (w) 193mm Area: 0.035m²
XS: (h) 235.3 x (w) 156.8mm Area: 0.0246m²
Mini: (h) 300 x (w) 300mm Area: 0.08m²

Floor & Wall

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i Link

i Shapes


As explained in a branch of mathematics called the knot theory, a link is a collection of knots which does not intersect but may be joined together. Thus, links can join many different subjects or shapes together. The i Link shaped tile fits into the next one like a jigsaw puzzle, its curved sides dovecoting into the ones on all sides perfectly. The adventurous houseowner might want to experiment by placing a tile of brighter or contrasting shades on alternate counts to create a whimsical effect.