i Honeycomb
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i Honeycomb

XXL: (h) 790.1 x (w)782mm Area: 0.4091m²
XL: (h) 561.7 x (w)567.3mm Area: 0.2032m²
L: (h) 369 x (w)372.8mm Area: 0.0888m²

M: (h) 316 x (w)313mm Area: 0.0636m²

S: (h) 210.7 x (w)208.7mm Area: 0.0328m²
XS: (h) 164.56 x (w)162.88mm Area: 0.0172m²
Mini: (h) 328x (w) 300mm Area: 0.093m²

Floor & Wall

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i Honeycomb

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The honey bee is a fascinating creation of nature that brings one of the sweetest things in life for us – honey. Its habitat is the honeycomb, which is a mass of hexagonal wax cells built in its nest to contain a store of honey and pollen. The honeycomb cells are hexagonal in shape and they interlace to form a network of regular patterns. The iHoneycomb collection of tiles makes an amazing sight when used at intervals on walls and floor.