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i Axe

XXL: (h) 557 x (w) 790mm Area: 0.3127m²
XL: (h) 416 x (w) 590mm Area: 0.1744m²
L: (h) 460.6 x (w) 324.75mm Area: 0.1063m²

M: (h) 340.5 x (w) 238.5mm Area: 0.0581m²

S: (h) 275.5 x (w) 193mm Area: 0.0380m²
XS: (h) 182 x (w) 127.6mm Area: 0.0165m²
Mini: (h) 300 x (w) 300mm Area: 0.08m²

Floor & Wall

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i Axe

i Shapes


Before the advent of modern tools, the instrument used to cut, shape and split wood through the ages was the axe. Used also as a weapon or a ceremonial symbol, the axe consists of an axe head with a handle. By way of shape, it is curved on both the cutting ends. The i Axe tile makes an unusual pattern when pieced together. They create soft undulating waves when placed on the floor or wall. They are best matched with colours of the same family to give the surrounding a two-dimensional look.